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Solar Energy


Solar Energy


The distributed photovoltaic power generation refers to the solar power generation facilities that are constructed in the vicinity of the user site and are operated in a way that the power produced is first meet the users ‘s own demand, then the excess power is delivered to the power net for profits. They follow the principles of local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout, and be used nearby, making full use of local solar resources to replace and reduce fossil energy consumption.


  • The foundation is independent, so the cost is low for its simple installation.
  • Our devices can be set on the roof, hillside and other free spaces with no special need except for spacing. They can be distributed separately so there’s no need for small project to arrange land specially.
  • Our devices work independently with parallel operation mode, so that they can back up each other with high reliability.
  • The comprehensive cost is low for standardized production, installation, debugging and transportation of each independent unit.
  • It belongs to green energy with no environment pollution or energy cost.
  • The design life of our device is 25years. Compared with fossil energy equipment, increased initial investment can be recovered within 2 to 5 years.

Photovoltaic Power Generation converts solar energy into electrical energy directly. It is a new type of power generation and comprehensive energy utilization mode with broad prospects for development. It advocates generate nearby, connect grid nearby and use nearby. It can improve generation capacity of the station in the same scale and can solve the problem of consumption during lifting and long-distance transportation.



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